Monday, November 10, 2008

~The Pleasures of a Winter Coat~

As winter approaches, we are beginning to pull out our coats and scarves in an act of self-preservation against the rigors of the cold. A common lament bewails the drabness of this season, not just because the landscape has lost its vitality, but because our wardrobe has taken on dark colors, boring shapes, and bulky silhouettes. But as the photograph above (Kennaugh) attests, just because it is winter does not mean that style and beauty need be sacrificed. Thanks to Kennaugh and other fashion lines, there are many delightful options for spicing up our winter outer-wear. Rejoice and bundle up!

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dark but fair said...

Amen! When I was a southern California girl, I had a delusion that coats were by nature, an unsymmetrical appendage, succumbed to only when the threat of the rare chill was worse than the horror of the grievance done to my figure, carriage, and color. Having migrated to the East Coast, I awakened to the allure of scarves, wraps, shawls, hats, gloves, stockings, non-flip-flop foot-ware and especially well-fitting, elegant coats. All things that I never would have dreamed of wearing seven years ago, but could not imagine life without, today.